First make sure you have enabled and configured AutoChat in the Settings tab.

This example assumes you are using the default AutoChat text lines and the following keys:
Modifier key: Left Control
Keys: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Here's how to type "Golem: {t} > {t:300}" which is the 2nd item under the Timers menu (which is the 3th item).

Press Left Control
Press and release '3' to select the 'Timers' menu
Press and release '2' to select the golem message
Release Left Control

AutoChat will then kick in and type the selected message, please wait for it to complete to make sure nothing gets messed up.


What is the difference between menu-item and chat-item?
When an item has children it means it's a menu-item. Menu-items cannot be typed! You can switch the status of an item with the button on the right.

What is {t}?
It's important (mostly for junglers) to know when a Golem or Baron spawns or when a ward will pop. This is why we have implemented a time system in Auto Chat. It will immediatly inform your team and stays visible in chat history.

It works by detecting {t} or {t:parameter} in your chat-items and replace it with the system time* (+ parameter in seconds). AutoChat comes with preconfigured chat-items that can be used as example.

* We want to change this to game time as soon as possible, but are a little worried that reading the memory could be detected as a cheat. While not perfect the system time should serve as a good enough solution for now.

Why do I get an error sound?
When you here an error sound it means something went wrong. Here are some reasons that can cause this:
  • You pressed a key while the current item was not a menu-item
  • You tried to type a menu-item
  • You did not wait long enough between messages
  • There was an unexpected error in the spacetime continuum

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