Regarding the InGame Timer

Aug 8, 2011 at 9:01 AM

Hey guys, very nice app you have made.

Was thinking of a possible solution for detecting the ingame time.

On your jungle timer overlay you should add a button that the user clicks as soon as their characters spawn.
This would start/stop your own game timer that runs parallel to the games actual timer which you can base your timing calculations off.

You may have to change how some functionality works but heres my general idea:

*all champions spawn at game start*
*user clicks a start button on your overlay* starts your game timer
*blue golems spawn at 1:55, user clicks golem button after killing it @2:10*
*user autochats Golem: {t}* displays 7:10 (golem-button-click-time + golem-respawn-time)

There could be some sync issues, but you could fix that by displaying your own timer on the overlay so the user can verify its synced with the real game timer.
Perhaps add some small buttons to offset your timer to allow the user to sync it.

Rough idea: 

Just an idea!