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The Timers Window is our first attempt at providing visual feedback into League of Legends. Using a few simple buttons you can start corresponding timers.


We know there are many possible ways we can improve this feature, but we're hoping to get feedback from the community first.

It is required that League of Legends runs in windowed mode in order for the window to show. Fortunatly, there are multiple ways to make it look like its running full screen.

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crpwnage Jul 26, 2011 at 6:00 AM 
@ saphua

My recommendations:
1, Get rid of the progress bars and use a numeric countdown overlayed on the icons of the respective neutrals like Riot uses on many of spell CD timers. This use alot less screen real estate.
2. Get rid of the ward timer all together. Any allied wards times are visible already and if you see an enemy drop a ward a quick look at the clock tells you in 3mins it's gone.

apc312 Jul 25, 2011 at 9:32 PM 
i've tried running the game in windowd screen, it doesnt load the timer window over other windows
i'm just on basic windows 7, nothing fancy, i'd appreciate more tips, also it took me quite a while to find this page, please advertise it properly so the community can understand how to get this working properly! thanks